Oils, bronzes and silver work inspired by geological formations, landscapes, and surrealist traditions.

Beyond our understanding lies the unknown. All of our Knowledge is surrounded by and riddled with little pockets of unknown. Answers suggest more questions and the unknown grows rather than diminishes.

Joel Parrill wondered about the unknown for years. As a child, he wondered about big things and little things. His search for answers led him to science which eventually floundered in theories and guesses. It was painting and sculpture which finally provided a means of exploring the entirely imaginary realm of the unknown.

Joel Parrill’s work raises many questions. It suggests many possibilities. It is open to interpretation. The artist encourages contemplation and speculation as the right and proper way of making friends with the unknown.

Selected pieces available via Etsy.

Parrill passed away in 2009. Biographical information and a comprehensive catalogue of the artist’s work can be found at joelparrill.net.

Contact: joelDOTparrillATgmailDOTcom



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